About us

Our team of young people. We all live or study in Westminster and we are passionate about making a difference! We want to help make Westminster a better place for our friends and families.

We help the foundation and member organisations. We do this through helping with research and go out speaking to other young people about issues in Westminster.

We also attend events and speak to partners about getting involved.

We are someone to contact about serious issues affecting young people and youth clubs and then passing the info onto YWF.

Young Ambassador

Westminster is the heart of culture...It's diverse and I love it.

Young Ambassador

Young people aren’t as disengaged as I thought, they just need someone to listen to them.

Nooran El-FakiPeer Researcher

Benefits of becoming an ambassador

Meet interesting young people from across the borough and visit different youth clubs and charities. Gain new skills along the way – learn how to carry out research and improve your communication skills.

Inform and influence policy and services for young people. Help create the best opportunities for you and your peers.

Attend fun events and meet business professionals and politicians. Help us raise awareness of the YWF and raise funds for services.

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