Growing Up Healthy, Safe & Happy

Nobody knows what it’s like to grow up in Westminster better than young people themselves. By working with young people, we can help make changes that have an impact on generations to come.

Most importantly, we want to make it as easy as possible for every young person to access the the amazing opportunities that are on offer in the borough.

What is your favourite thing about living in Westminster?

"My favourite thing is meeting and knowing the community. People are respectful, warmhearted and welcoming."

A City Within A City

“Some families are new to the country and obviously their children don’t have friends at the start. The youth club is a good place to make friends.”

A City Within A City

“My favourite thing about Westminster is the atmosphere, it is full of life.”

A City Within A City

"My favourite thing is the amount of places we are able to visit."

A City Within A City

"There is lots of variety in shops, food and culture."

A City Within A City

Our City

In partnership with Young K&C, we launched Our City, a new online platform connecting young Londoners with free or low-cost activities in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea.

Browse projects for under-25s taking place in your area and get involved.


Young Ambassadors

Our young ambassadors live, work or study in Westminster and are all passionate about positive social change in their community. We offer fun training and paid opportunities for them, and they support our work through research, event planning and grant-giving.


Getting Help

Whatever you’re going through, there are dedicated and safe support services who can speak with you. Look at our resources on Our City to learn how to reach out.