Putting Young People First

Young Westminster Members are organisations driven by their passion to provide services that will give life-changing support to Westminster’s young people and their families.

With a growing community of over 100 members, organisations range from large youth clubs to local grassroots charities. Many have specialist skills in a range of interest areas like arts or sports, and others provide educational and vocational activities or support services. Some delivery members also offer bespoke programmes for groups including young carers, homeless young people and young people with disabilities.

Are you an organisation working with young people in Westminster?

Westminster Hubs

Our Youth Hubs and Family Hubs are strategically-selected organisations located in key regions of the borough where we have identified the strongest need for youth services. In a collaborative approach, we work alongside them to develop the strongest Westminster-wide youth sector, drawing on the strengths and specialisms of each hub.

Youth Hubs

Youth Hubs are fun, informal, communal club spaces for young people to connect with their friends, community and trusted youth workers.

Often seen as a home away from home, these hubs provide a network of safe spaces for young people to socialise, learn new skills, develop their identities and potential.

Youth Hubs: Avenue’s Youth Project, Fourth Feathers, Future Men & St Andrew’s Club

Family Hubs

Family Hubs are here to support mums, dads and their children, with friendly, experienced staff on hand to assist with making choices and using services.

These are great places for families and communities to find the most up-to-date information and trained professionals that can support children’s development.

Family Hubs: Bessborough Family Hub, Church Street Children’s Centre & Queen’s Park Children’s Centre

Young Westminster Members

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