About Us

We are YWF’s team of young people aged 16-25. We all live or study in Westminster and we are passionate about making a difference! We want to help make Westminster a better place for our friends and families.

We meet once a month at Victoria Business Library – a chance to meet new people and learn skills from research, to social action to podcasting. We help the Foundation by going out and speaking to other young people about what it’s like to grow up in London, supporting each other to speak up on issues we care about.

In 2023 our Young Ambassador programme is focussed on becoming Peer Researchers. We’ll be trained to create and carry out a research project aimed at understanding how young Londoners feel growing up in Westminster as well as how to advocate on the issues we’re hopeful for, we’re angry about, and our ideas for the future of our community.

Applications to become a Young Westminster Researcher are now open

Please get in touch or sign up by March 14th 2023.


What have we done so far?

  • Finding out what’s important to us – we interviewed over 100 young people to help create the Our City, Our Future report. A chance for our views to be heard by people in power
  • Amplifying youth voice – we joined the YWF grants panel to help decide how £300 000 should be spent for young people in Westminster
  • Meeting local employers – we’ve presented at events, secured internships and built our confidence for future jobs
  • Theatre trips and social events – we regularly explore culture together in the borough

Why Join?

Gain valuable new skills and meet like-minded young people from across Westminster

Get paid London Living Wage (£11.95/hour) for taking part and attending sessions

Inform and influence what’s on offer for young people in your local area

Attend fun events and meet business professionals and politicians

Help us raise awareness of Young Westminster Foundation and generate funds for youth clubs

Get matched with a trained mentor from Westminster Befriend A Family

Join us in 2023 as a Young Westminster Researcher and co-author an exciting research report

What’s coming up in 2023?

You will receive training to design and carry out conversations, focus groups and an online survey with 1000+ young Londoners. You’ll learn how to analyse data and advocate on your findings, becoming be a co-author of the research project together as a team with other young researchers and Young Westminster Foundation.

23 February: Becoming Changemakers in 2023

16 March: Peer researcher training 001 – What’s important for young Londoners?

12 April: Peer researcher training 002 – Designing a research project

26 April: Peer researcher training 003 – In conversation with the Lord Mayor, Cllr Hamza Taouzzale

May – July: Peer research in action – Conversations, focus groups and online survey

August: Peer researcher training 004 – Analysis and reflections, what did we find out?

September: Peer researcher training 005 –  Advocacy & action, gaining confidence in using your voice where it matters

October: Young Westminster Question Time – Hold local decision makers to account

If you have any questions, please speak to your lead youth worker, or contact Marium or Karolina from YWF on 07426 217044