What is a Youth Hub?

Westminster Youth Hubs are fun, informal club spaces for young people to connect with their friends, community and trusted youth workers. These organisations deliver a wide range of programmes in a network of safe spaces where members are free to socialise and learn new skills; helping develop identities and unlock potential.

Strategically selected by the Young Westminster Foundation and Westminster City Council, the five Youth Hubs serve young people in specific localities across the borough. Working together, they shape the overall development of youth services in Westminster as part of a model that champions innovation and collaboration.

Through knowledge-sharing and local leadership, Hubs bring together a diverse range of youth organisations, forging partnership opportunities and fostering a thriving community of practitioners who are ambitious for youth work. Driven by insight and the experiences of young people, Youth Hubs are supported to undertake projects that have a lasting impact on the quality of provisions for everyone growing up in Westminster.


Find out more about the hub organisations below:

Avenues Youth Project

Avenues was established in 1979, and the project has since grown from strength to strength and, in line with the diversity of their local community, they now attract and welcome a wide range of young people fromthe many different communities that make up Queen’s Park and Westminsteras a whole.


The Feathers Association

The Feathers Association offers a wealth of opportunities for young people living in Marylebone and the surrounding areas. The centre provides a range of activities and fully-trained staff as well as being a welcoming and secure place for young people to meet others and enjoy time out.


Future Men

Future Men operate youth clubs at both Churchill Gardens and Amberley in Westminster. They are a multi-award-winning specialist charity that supports boys and men along the path to becoming dynamic future men, though their clubs are open to all. Through activities, one-to-one sessions and outreach work, Future Men provide the vital support and advocacy that changes young people’s lives for the better.


St Andrew’s Club

Established over 150 years ago in 1866, St Andrew’s Club is a community-based youth club which enriches young lives. Each year they provide a sense of belonging, fun and informal education to around 700 members, aged five to adulthood. Members develop educationally, socially and personally through an exciting and remarkably wide range of activities that aim to empower young people to develop self-confidence, respect for others and build their abilities to contribute positively to society.


Local Insight

Situated across the borough, Westminster Youth Hubs are located in key areas that where particular needs of young people have been identified in accordance with the Westminster Deprivation index. More inight into the specific needs of young people growing up in Westminster can be found in our A City Within A City report.