Our City, Our Future

Our City, Our Future 2023/24 is Young Westminster Foundation’s third peer-led needs analysis, covering the issues and experiences of young people growing up in Westminster today. To produce this report, we worked with a trained group of 15 young people as peer researchers, in addition to hearing from youth workers, practitioners and parents/carers through a series of focus groups and surveys, conducted in partnership with Rocket Science with support from the University of Westminster.

Following on from Our City, Our Future 2020/21, we have been able to capture insights into the areas of life that matter most to young people as we respond to the challenge of the rising cost-of-living, with emerging focuses on education, employment, social action, health & wellbeing, the environment, safety, the internet and social media and access to local services. Importantly, it has shown us that young people are hungry to be involved in decision making and change, both for themselves and their communities.

This report serves as a tool for the wider Westminster community including YWF’s 80+ member organisations, business partners, Westminster City Council, Schools, Parents/Carers, Met Police and NHS to collaborate and to open a conversation about the needs of young people and act together.




I ask all organisations to prioritise listening to what young people in Westminster have told us in this report when implementing change. Young people have spoken, so now we must take that into consideration and adapt the way we work to help uplift them. I urge you to support young people in discovering what they are capable of and the power they hold to influence change. This will be vital in continuing to improve our community.

I want to give special thanks to all interviewees and young people who are involved in projects like this and who are using their voice. Yes, you do have power. You are change makers. You are capable. You should be proud of yourselves. Don’t underestimate the impact of things you do – yes it may have only been a small amount of your time, but the outcome is everlasting!


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