Young Ambassador Programme 2018 – Recruiting Now!

Following  on from the success of working with a team of Young Ambassadors last year we are looking to recruit a new cohort  of young volunteers who can work with us and our existing Young Ambassadors for 2018. We have a number of interesting projects lined up including:

  • Working with youth clubs and youth organisations across the Borough to develop a campaign to promote them
  • Representing the YWF and presenting our work and findings of our Needs Analysis to businesses, schools and stakeholders in the Borough
  • Helping shape the work of the Foundation by researching the views of other young people living in the Borough

Together with one of our members, You Press, will be providing full training  through a series of workshops which will encompass presentations skills, communications skills and leadership. We will be kicking off the training programme with a spoken word workshop at Easter with the aim of ‘translating’ the results of our Needs Analysis into an exciting performance piece.

It is an excellent opportunity for students to gain some great new skills and meet businesses and other organisations across the Borough.

Please get in  touch if you or someone you know would be interested:

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