Lunch & Learn with John Lewis

By 20th September 2018Events

An invitation to John Lewis headquarters had our excitement at its peak! This was a brilliant opportunity for us to express the interest of what it’s like to be a young ambassador. It was great to meet the faces of those who support our efforts for young people.

The meeting had generated Ideas from both parties on youth engagement with John Lewis and the discussion touched upon the key themes of our needs analysis report:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Accessing Opportunities
  • Staying Safe
  • Local Environment

To find out more about the needs analysis report, “A City within a City” – please refer to our insights or resources page.

Ideas were formulated to improve upon youth engagement with John Lewis in schools which is paramount for establishing connections. In addition, a discussion on providing creative workshops highlighted that they enable us to tap into our creative side through spoken word, poetry, drama and many other forms of creative expression. In return, this helps to improve upon your soft skills that can be transferred to the working environment. Also, there was a great deal of discussion surrounding our achievements as young ambassadors on the impacts of our lives and how we feel this can benefit our future. Our feedback to John Lewis was vital as such a large corporate business trying to connect with the youth can sometimes be challenging. We are proud to have an established connection between YWF and John Lewis which further promotes our engagement with the private sector and in return, opens up more career paths for young people in the Borough of Westminster.

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