YWF community meet to kick-start our 2020 needs analysis

Young Westminster Foundation facilitated a workshop with organisations from our cross-sector community to share insight and begin the process of co-designing our second needs analysis; seeking to understanding the experiences of young people growing up in Westminster.

We believe that youth voice should be at the heart of our decision making. That’s why our first piece of work, as a new organisation in 2017, was to conduct a peer led needs analysis. This A City Within A City report formed the basis of our strategic direction & work to date.

One of the key recommendations to come out of A City Within A City was for YWF to “maintain and regularly update an assessment of young Westminster’s needs”. This 2020 project will do just that; once again asking young people how it feels to grow up in the borough.

We’re now working with King’s College London, Rocket Science, Partnership for Young London & the YWF community to recruit peer researchers, design & deliver this research to inform our next phase of work & act as an evidence base for YWF Members & funders.

We want to hear from you! If you’d like to be involved in this work please get in touch with matira@ywfoundation.com

(Thank you to our hosts for the workshop – The Westminster Foundation)

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