Roots of Our Community – Zoya Soni

As part of our 5th Birthday Celebration, Zoya Soni YWF Young Ambassador, is sharing her journey and experience in the Westminster Community.

What is your favourite thing about the borough of Westminster?

I adore the cultural diversity in Westminster! The multicultural hubs help me feel like everyone has a place and sense of belonging here.

What are some of your own experiences as a young person?

I moved to London when I was younger and have always lived in Westminster. I always enjoyed spending my weekends at the local libraries. There were always engaging activities for us to explore as a family who had at the time recently moved to London from India.

What has been your journey to the Young Westminster community?

I was really passionate about giving back to the amazing community of Westminster. Getting involved has helped me grow as a person. I have developed confidence and communication skills and I know that these will absolutely be crucial to me in university and my future career.

What impact has Young Westminster Foundation had over the past five years?

I am very grateful and proud to have had the opportunity to be involved with the work of the Foundation. Getting involved with the Foundation has led me to volunteer further with a range of different organisations as well. In addition, it has helped me understand and utilise my key qualities and skills such as my interpersonal and public speaking skills.

What do you hope for Westminster’s young people over the next five years?

I hope for a future with better youth mental healthcare services and a decrease in youth discrimination. It shouldn’t matter what our gender, sexuality, ethnicity or nationality is. All of us deserve equal opportunities.

Why are youth services important to you?

Youth services have been essential to me. They are important for all young people to feel like they deserve to share their voice. This includes having a say in the decisions that affect us. For example, what youth organisations are given grants.


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